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Turn It Up Dance Challenge

Looking for a fun, affordable, professional, and organized dance competition near you?

Turn It Up Dance Challenge hosts Regional Dance Competitions that studio directors, dancers, and their families rave about. Turn It Up Dance Challenge is more than just a weekend of dancing and competing. Our team of crew members and judges work hard to guarantee everyone who attends a Turn It Up Dance Challenge has a truly memorable, educational, and positive experience.

Why Attend Turn It Up Dance Challenge?

  • FREE photos and videos -no media fee
  • We offer 4 Levels of competition
  • Nominations to Hollywood’s Industry Dance Awards
  • Platinum members of the Association of Dance Competitions and Conventions
  • The best customer service with crew members who care
  • Competitions are not during school hours
  • Entry cutoffs to avoid late Sunday nights
  • DISCOUNTS are available for both NEW and RETURNING studios

Are There TIU Dance Competitions Near Me?

This year Turn It Up Dance Challenge will be holding events in North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Michigan, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Virginia, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, and Ohio. New locations are added every year. Let us know where you want to see a Turn It Up Dance Challenge regional competition!

What Other Events Does TIU Offer?


If you had a great time at one of our regional competitions, you'll LOVE our National events! Join us for a week of unforgettable fun every Summer. Take convention classes, meet new friends, “turn it up” at our infamous National’s party, and, of course, compete! Enjoy activities including the National Dance Team, National’s parties, and the much-anticipated Dance Battle!

Alex Wong on stage teaching students at a Turn It Up Dance Convention

Join us during the months of October-December for our very popular and affordable one-day Turn It Up Dance conventions! A full day of learning from the best in the industry. Take classes in various styles such as jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, tap, and Broadway! Learn cutting-edge choreography, win National Dance Team Invitations and Scholarship Dollars. At a Turn It Up convention, you’ll meet and connect with many well-known and up-and-coming professionals in the dance industry. Conventions are currently offered in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. 

2023 Regional Dance Competitions
Dates & Locations

Dance Competition, Long Island NY

Long Island, NY (1)

February 10 - February 12
East Islip High School

East Rutherford, NJ

February 24 - February 26
Henry P. Becton Regional High School

Hartford, CT

March 3 - March 5
CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts High School
Dance Competition, Sturbridge, MA

Sturbridge, MA

March 3 - March 5
Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center
Dance Competition, Louisville Kentucky

Louisville, KY

March 3 - March 5
Louisville Memorial Auditorium
Dance Competition, Derry, NH

Derry, NH (1)

March 3 - March 5
Stockbridge Theater at Pinkerton Academy

Detroit, MI

March 10 - March 12
John R. Armstrong Performing Arts Center
Dance Competition, Minneapolis Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN (1)

March 10 - March 12
Shakopee High School

Houston, TX

March 10 - March 12
Houston CityPlace Marriott at Springwoods Village
Dance Competition, Long Island NY

Long Island, NY (2)

March 10 - March 12
Tilles Center

Bellingham, MA (1)

March 17 - March 19
Bellingham High School
Regional Dance Competition, Lancaster PA

Lancaster, PA (1)

March 17 - March 19
Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square
Dance Competition, Lowell, MA

Lowell, MA

March 17 - March 19
Lowell Memorial Auditorium
Dance Competition, Albany, NY

Albany, NY

March 17 - March 19
Empire State Plaza Convention Center
Dance Competition, Woodbridge VA

Woodbridge, VA

March 24 - March 26
Patriot High School

Omaha, NE

March 24 - March 26
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Omaha Downtown
Dance Competition, Minneapolis Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN (2)

March 24 - March 26
Chanhassen High School

East Haven, CT

March 24 - March 26
East Haven High School

Westbrook, ME

March 31 - April 2
Westbrook Performing Arts Center

Chattanooga, TN

March 31 - April 2
Chattanooga Convention Center

Des Moines, IA

March 31 - April 2
Franklin Junior High
Dance Competition near Charlotte, NC

Fort Mill, SC

March 31 - April 2
Soundstage at The River Place
Dance Competition, Trenton, NJ

Long Branch (was Robbinsville), NJ

April 14 - April 16
Ocean Place Resort & Spa

Atlanta, GA

April 14 - April 16
Newton High School

Baltimore, MD

April 21 - April 23
Peggy and Yale Gordon Center For Performing Arts
Dance Competition, Dallas Texas

Dallas, TX

April 21 - April 23
Marriott Dallas Allen Hotel & Watters Creek Convention Center
Chicago IL Skyline

Chicago, IL

April 21 - April 23
Midwest Conference Center

Toms River, NJ

April 21 - April 23
Toms River High School North
Regional Dance Competition, Pittsburg, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

April 28 - April 30
Monroeville Convention Center

St. Louis, MO

April 28 - April 30
Wydown Middle School

Indianapolis, IN

April 28 - April 30
Pike Performing Arts Center
Dance Competition, Providence, RI

Woonsocket, RI

April 28 - April 30
Woonsocket High School

Fitchburg, MA

May 5 - May 7
Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School

Syracuse, NY

May 5 - May 7
Crouse Hinds Theater @ The Oncenter
Regional Dance Competition, Lancaster PA

Lancaster, PA (2)

May 5 - May 7
Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square
Dance Competition, Derry, NH

Derry, NH (2)

May 5 - May 7
Stockbridge Theater at Pinkerton Academy

Bellingham, MA (2)

May 12 - May 14
Bellingham High School
Dance Competition, Trenton, NJ

Robbinsville, NJ (2)

May 12 - May 14
Robbinsville High School

Kansas City, KS

May 12 - May 14
Overland Park Convention Center

Toledo, OH

May 12 - May 14
Marathon Center for the Performing Arts

Orlando, FL

May 19 - May 21
Ocoee High School

Madison, WI

May 19 - May 21
Madison Marriott West

King of Prussia, PA

May 19 - May 21
The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

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Dance Competition


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Select your competition city on our Tour Dates page and the address of the venue will be listed.

Approximately 10 days before your competition, your studio director will receive a final email including the performance schedule. Souvenir programs with performance schedules will also be available for purchase at the competition.

Yes! All competitions are open to the participating dance studios and their families.

No. For the safety of the dancers, there is absolutely no videotaping or photography allowed at the competition.

We do have a professional photographer and videographer at all of our events and offer FREE photos and videos, which will be available to download approximately 3 weeks after the event.

You can also visit our event results page and many of our social media sites for additional photos and videos.

No, we do not accept independent entries for the competition. You must be with a studio to compete at Turn It Up. We do, however accept independent registration for our conventions.

Ages will be recorded as of January 1st which is the start of the season. Age categories for all entries will be determined by taking the average age of all participants in that entry dropping the decimal point.

  • Tiny 5 years & under
  • Mini 6-8 years
  • Junior 9-11 years
  • Teen 12-14 years
  • Senior Teen 15-18 years
  • Adult 19-30 years
  • Adult+ 30+ years

Please visit our Rules and Regulations page

No, both competitions and conventions are optional. We do not require studios to attend both. Conventions are held in the fall from October to December and Competitions are held in the spring from February - July. 

We do not have a limit as to how many solos a particular dancer can compete, however, soloists may only place once in the top 10 in their perspective age category.

Yes, in all ballroom settings, we build our own stage that is lined with Marley Flooring. Stage dimensions and wing space vary per location.

Studio directors, please call 617-283-8811 or email for our competition fees.

Please ask your studio director to find out when he or she wants you to arrive at the competition. Because we tend to run early, we ask that all dancers be ready to dance at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled time.

Anyone in the audience hoping to watch a particular dancer should be there one hour ahead of time as well.

Dancers need to check in with our backstage director at least 5 routines prior to their scheduled routine.

You can view and purchase photos and videos by visiting