December 10, 2020

Dance Holiday Gift Guide 2020!

By: Joelle Griffin

Hey There, Turn It Up Family!

It’s that time of year again and this year it has an extra special meaning…that 2020 is nearly over! Below is our annual Holiday Gift Guide cultivated just for your favorite dancer, dance teacher, or dance bestie. In the 2020 spirit almost all of these gifts support small business and can be purchased online from the comfort and safety of home! Our gifts range from $3.00 to $350.00 so they’re perfect for any budget. Happy Gifting!

*Click the price to go directly to the shop’s website.

  1. Custom water bottle; $24.99-$29.99! – Never question which water bottle is yours with this simple and sleek stainless steel water bottle.
  2. Stickers; starting at $3.00! – Go the extra mile to customize your water bottle, laptop, or even your car with cute stickers. Getting a custom sticker for your dancer, dance teacher, or dance bestie is an inexpensive and personalized gift! Shop small and search for your faves on Etsy!
  3. Tote bag for your dance teacher; $9.87! – This tote bag is a perfect gift for your favorite dance instructor. Give them a good laugh and a way to carry around all their brilliant ideas.
  4. For the aspiring choreographer; $24.00! – Inspire your favorite choreographer with this Terpsichore’s Deck! “Terpsichore’s Deck [turp-sik-uh-ree, named after the muse of dance] was created as a tangible way to bring choreographic tools out of the textbook and into the dance studio.”
  5. Pin Storage; $29.00! – So many competition pins, so little jacket space! Looking for a great way to commemorate your dance seasons past? This custom pin shadow box is a fabulous way to show off your pins and keep them in one spot!
  6. Because 2020; $14.44! – A cute, customized mask shows your personality and lets everyone know who’s under there! Bonus: your teachers can’t see if you yawn in class!
  7. 2020 Christmas Ornament; $10.00; – Do you love the show Friends? Do you love Christmas? Do you love looking back at tough times and having a good laugh? Then this is the perfect ornament for you!
  8. Friendship Bracelet; $4.25! – Do you have a lot of dance besties and not a lot of money? These cute dance bracelets, with some magical powers, can be worn on your wrist, ankle. You could even tie it to your water bottle or backpack! 
  9. Personalized Story Book; $34.99! – This personalized children’s book is a sweet way for your tiny dancer to read a story about their adventures in preparing for a dance recital. Edit the main character’s name and details to match your dancer!
  10. Photoshoot Session; $ varies! – Many photographers have deals around the holidays for short sessions. Book with a local photographer to capture some fierce headshots or stunning action shots for your dancer!
  11. Dancewear, $65.00-$95.00! – Whether you’re dancing at home, in the studio, or at a convention it always feels good to rock a fierce new outfit! Check out Maud and Chloe Arnold’s new dancewear here. Another one of our favorites is our friends at Reverence and Be Visible Dancewear! You can check out their convention apparel here!
  12. Flooring for at home dancing; $75.00! – For our virtual dancer or those who spend their time outside the studio rehearsing their heart out. Bring the studio home with your own Harlequin flooring!
  13. Stretch Band; $8.99! – “A phrase that every dancer has heard…“stretch while you’re at home watching TV!”. Take your stretching to the next level with this stretching band.
  14. Dancing disc; $99.00-$199.00! – Take your turns to go! Get your favorite dancer a dancing disk so they can turn everywhere they go.
  15. Handstand Canes; $93.00-103.00! – For your favorite acro dancer. Help them practice their balances with these homemade handstand canes!
  16. Airtrack; $349.00! – One of the most popular trends in at home training are tumble tracks. If you’re looking to splurge this is your gift!

Wishing our studios, dancers, and their families a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season! We can’t wait to see you all in 2021.


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