Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the exact location of the competition?

Go to our Tour Dates tab and click on your competition city. The address of the venue is listed as competition location.

How do I know when my son/daughter is dancing?

Approximately 10 days before competition, studio directors will receive a final email including the performance schedule. Souvenir programs are available for purchase at the competition.

My family wants to come watch the competition. Is it free to watch?

Yes. All competitions are open to the public.

Is videotaping/taking photographs allowed at the competition?

For the safety of your dancers, there is absolutely NO videotaping or photography is allowed at the competition. We do have a professional photographer and videographer at all of our events, and photographs and DVD’s will be available for purchase during and after the competition.

Do you accept independent entries? How do I register my child as an independent?

No, we do not accept independent entries for competition. You must be with a studio to compete at Turn It Up. We do however accept independent registration for our conventions. Click here to register for a convention.

What is the cut-off date for the age categories?

Ages will be recorded as of January 1st which is the start of the season. Age categories for all entries will be determined by taking the average age of all participants in that entry dropping the decimal point.

Mini 8 years & under

Junior 9-11 years

Teen 12-14 years

Senior Teen 15-18 years

Adult 19-30 years

Adult+ 30+ years


Our current rules and regulations can be found here.

Do you need to attend a convention to compete at a competition?

Both competitions and conventions are optional. We do not require studios to attend both.

Is there a limit to how many solos a dancer can compete?

We do not have a limit as to how many solos a particular dancer can compete, however, soloists may only place once in the top 10 in their perspective age category.

If the competition is held in a ballroom, will there be a stage?

Yes, in all ballroom settings, we build our own stage that is lined with Marley Flooring. Stage dimensions and wing space vary per location.

What are your fees for competition and convention?

Studio directors, please call 617-283-8811 or email for our competition and convention fees.

When do I need to get to the competition?

Please ask your studio director to find out when he or she wants you to arrive at the competition. Because we tend to run early, we ask that all dancers be ready to dance at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled time. Anyone in the audience hoping to watch a particular dancer should be there one hour ahead of time as well. Dancer’s need to check in with our backstage director at least 5 routines prior to their scheduled routine.

Where do I find Photos and Videos after competition?

You can view and purchase photo and video by visiting

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