2018 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dancers! *Exclusive Discounts just for the Turn It Up family*


Tis the season to show our family and friends how much we love them by spoiling them rotten with amazing gifts. Growing up I always took pride in my ability to give thoughtful gifts that would be perfect for the giftee. I created a list of 10 different kinds of dancers and what they might love to receive this giving season. 

  1. For the eco friendly dancer [que Bottle $24.95, www.quebottle.com] Dancers, like any athlete, are always in need of water. The worst feeling is forgetting your water bottle and realizing once you’re dying of thirst. Usually you can run to the front desk and grab a bottle of water for some change. But, what about all the plastic in our oceans! Que, que bottle a reusable collapsible water bottle. They collapse to fit in your purse or dance bag with ease!
  2. For the newly driving dancer [& 5, 6, 7, 8 keychain, $13.50, www.etsy.com shop: AListGreekDesigns] Sweet 16! Driving should be safe and boring but your keyring doesn’t have to be! This adorable “& 5, 6, 7, 8” keychain is the perfect flair for any dancer’s keys and it can help you count space between you and the car in front of you (you’re welcome Mom!).
  3. For the dancer who packs everything [Pilante’ Dance Bag $170.00 www.levelupdancesupplies.com] *EXCLUSIVE TURN IT UP OFFER!* Get $5 off when you use the code “UP5” & get $10 off any purchase of $100 or more with the code “UP10”!!! This bag is the first of its kind and will help you stay more organized than ever! The Pilante’ bag can fit 10-15 costumes, has a USB charging port, and a cooler pocket. Holds dance costumes, keeps your phone at 100, and keeps your snacks fresh…what more could you ask for?! Pilante’ is french for collapsible, this innovative bag can collapse for ultimate organization at home! Available in 4 colors and 2 sizes.
  4. For the dancer who loves their socks [Performance Socks, $10.00 Sugar & Bruno www.sugarandbruno.com] Performance socks have become a huge trend this year. Many dancers prefer socks to dance shoes when in class or on stage. The popularity of dancing in socks resulted in the creation of various performance socks made to fit dancers needs!
  5. For the always-cleaning-up-after-you dance Mom [The Bobi Necklace $40, www.etsy.com shop: ShyLoud] Dance Moms are the real MVP! They always know where everything is and manage your crazy rehearsal schedules. Dance Moms find bobby pins everywhere and now they have somewhere to put them for when you need one! This sleek necklace is not only cute and fashionable but also super handy.
  6. For the dancer who’s always cold [Turn It Up Splatter Sweats $35.99, at any Turn It Up event!] Turn It Up is based out of Massachusetts and we are ALWAYS cold this time of year. Thank goodness for our amazing 2019 splatter sweats. They are so cozy and super warm. We nearly sold out of them this convention season!
  7. For the sentimental or graduating dancer [T-shirt Quilt $74.99, www.projectrepat.com] Dancers collect t-shirts from conventions, competitions, recitals, nationals, and more. Eventually you have drawers overflowing with them. Instead of putting them in a box for safe-keeping or getting rid of them, turn them into something they’ll use forever!
  8. For the dancer who loves surprises [Bunhead Box $46.95 www.bunheadbox.com] There is literally a subscription box for everything these days! Even one for dancers, the Bunhead Box. Choose a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription for your dancer. Every box is a surprise filled with 5 unique items perfect for dancers.
  9. For the nose-in-a-book dancer [Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina $17.99 www.barnesandnoble.com] Growing up I only liked to read about what I loved, and that was dance! There are so many books out now written by dancers for dancers. My favorite is Misty Copeland’s book Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina. She actually has 2 versions of this book; one for adults and one for young readers. There is also a journal to pair with the book to help “discover the fire in you”.
  10. For the beauty guru dancer [PETER THOMAS ROTH Mask Frenzy Gift Set $75.00 www.ulta.comBlood, sweat, tears, and so much stage makeup; dancer’s skin see it all! A face mask set is the perfect gift for your dancer to treat their skin to some much needed TLC during their holiday break.


Happy Holidays!


Your Turn It Up Dance Challenge Family